YAMANASHI Group of Companies

Yamanashi Group is a leading fire and safety solutions reseller and distributor. Our products specialised in fire fighting pumps, electric motors, diesel engines & high performance batteries. Our major brands consists of LeApinepompa for fire fighting pumps, Denki for electric motors, Yamashita for diesel engines and Yamanashi for high performance Nickel-Cadmium Alkaline batteries, etc.

Our fire, safety and OH&S solutions are not just for the Emergency Services but we also cater to the varied needs of other Goverment Agencies, Water Mining, Industry and the Private / Home Sector.

Understanding the needs of our customers having to to deal with time and financial limitations and then to comply with the ever increasing demands of OH&S our product ranges have expanded to meet these requirements and we always try to provide a high level of personal and professional service with these constraints in mind.

Please browse our web site but note we only have a small percentage of our products listed, if you do not see or can not find a product you are looking for, contact us to find it for you. You will be pleased with the price and the understanding of your equirements.