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YAMANASHI specializes in the production of world class fire protection equipment. From enquiry stage, right through design, manufacturing, installation and after sales service, YAMANASHI strives to provide a quality, reliable fire protection system at the most competitive price.

EN 12845 provides  a pan-European standard for the design, installation and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems and emcompasses the basic requirements set forth by local rules into one European Standard.

The new YAMANASHI End-Suction product line is the latest addition to the YAMANASHI range. Cost effective and efficient, these will be used in fire pump packages specifically designed and built to comply with the regulations of European standard EN 12845, along with other local rules.
In accordance with the different planning needs, the fire fighting systems can be composed by pumps connected electric motors or to diesel engines. The jockey pump works only to keep the constant pressure in the system in case of water leaks, The delivery and the head of the jockey pump can’t be considered in the total calculation of the systems supply.

Yamanashi establishes design and development for fire fighting pumps. An automatic sprinkler system is designed to detect the presence of fire and extinguish it in the initial stages, or to keep flames under control until they can be extinguished fully using ancillary means. With Yamanashi operates in the fire fighting field as supplier of water fire fighting pumps fully in compliance with the European Standards ( EN 12845 @ EN 12259-12 ) as well as Malaysian Standards ( MS 1910 )

Yamanashi technical skill allows to easily operate in building and industrial fields and to meet the hardest specifications required by refineries, petrochemical industries and 0ff-shore, platform and  on-shore plants.

The duty pump is controlled by an electric panel and the pump is automatically started by its  pressure switch. The diesel engine keeps on working till the manual stop. The jockey pump stops automatically when pressure is restored. According to the power output of the engine the electrical system can be either 12V or 24V DC. The diesel engine consists of starter motor, fuel system, lubricating system, exhaust system etc. All are mounted on a strong common base frame of mild steel and painted red.

Water supply to fixed and automatic fire fighting systems such as automatic sprinkler systems in conformity with RN 12845, BS 5306-2 rules. Pressurized hydrant and wet riser systems also applied.

EN 12845 End Suction Pumps
Features of the new End Suction pump line include
- Bronze Impeller & Shaft Sleeve
- Back Pull-out design in accordance with EN 12845 section 10.1
- 420 Stainless Steel Shaft
- Positively Lubricated Stainless Steel Mechanical Seal
- Bearing housing registered directly to the casing
- Removable support foot fitted at the drive for greater rigidity
- Domed type locking nut seals the stainless steel shaft at the impeller
- Conform to EN 12259-12 (Fire Pumps)
Cast Iron Casing
Stainless Steel Mechanical Seal
Bronze impeller, precision cast, trimmed and dynamically balanced to duty requirements
Back Pull-out design to accommondate removal / inspection of the rotating without disturbing suction and discharge connertions
420 Stainless Steel Shaft
Bronze Casing wear ring