YAMANASHI Batteries are manufactures in basic range to match specific operating condition and providing different performance characteristic. Our batteries will combine maximun performance with mininum maintenance and optimum life.

The nickel cadmium batteries use Relatively expensive material they are carefully designed to obtain maximum utilization from them.

Thus the nickel cadmium batteries may be more expensive in first cost than the lead acid batteries and considerably less expensive in the long time.


  • Excellent high rate discharge performance
  • Very long life
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Lowest self discharge
  • Resistance mechanical and electrical abuse
  • Low intercal resistance
  • Absolute reliability


GNC TYPE (Super High Discharge Rate Cells)
GNC series Super high rate nickel cadmium battery which made of sintered plate is characterized by compact construction, low internal resistance, high reliability, high capacity, long service life and excellent low temperature performance. The bettery is suitable for super high rate discharging such as AGV, engine starting, switch tripping and closing and special purpose.


GNH TYPE (High Discharge Rate Cells)
GNH Series high rate nickel cadmium battery is made of pocket plate with the characteristics of thin plate, High porosity and low internal resistance. The battery is particulars suitable for short discharge period such as switch gear tripping and closing, ips, ect.


GNM TYPE (Medium Discharge Rate Cells)
GNM Series Medium rate nicket cadmium battery is made of pocket plate. The battery is suitable for medium discharge periods between 30 minutes and 5 hours such as stand-by for ups, gas turbine control, ect.


GNL TYPE (Low Discharge Rate Cells)
GNL Series Low rate nickel cadmium battery is made of pocket plate. The battery is designed for general purpose and stand-by applications such as lighting on train and operation of circuit breaker, etc.