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The components of the insulation system are selected to ensure food protection. All meterials used for insulating the winding and winding ends correspond to insulating class F or H according to IEC standard.
The following defines the insulation class per IEC 60034-1 with max 40°C ambient temperature.
Standard Yamanashi-Denki motors are rated Class F with Class B temperature rise for single speed continuous duty, S1 condition.
Y2 series
Voltage and Frequency
The operating voltage and frequency has variation of + / - 5% can be accommondated with some de-rated performance as a consequence.
Yamanashi-Denki motors are suitable for DOL starting.
Motors up to 3kW are Star connected. Motors 4kW and above are Delta connected with 6 terminals for Star-Delta starting. In medium to large motors, the Star-Delta connection is more common for it can reduce the starting current by about 30%
Rated Voltage           :  3kW and below: 230 / 400V, 3 phase
:  4kW and above: 400 / 690V, 3 phase
Rated frequency      :50 Hz(Standard), 60 Hz(Optional)
Three Phase motors with cage rotor
Terminal Box and Cable Entries
Terminal box are cast iron and top mounted.
Noise Level
The noise levels and method of measurement are in accordance with IEC 60034-9.
Performance Data
Synchronous Speed:3000 RPM
Power Range: 0.25 – 315Kw (2 Pole)
Performance Data
Synchronous Speed: 1500 RPM
Power Range: 0.18 – 315Kw (4 Pole)