Yamashita-DL/2 DL series

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DL series
A little engine built to stand up hard work.
Compact, Diesel Injection Engine = Easy Installation & Low Fuel Consumption
The design structure and materials from Yamashita combined to form a rugged, hardworking machine. With tough yet lightweight alloys used for main engine parts, extra tough crankshaft and an overall simplified structure, the Yamashita is a compact package for power.
Keeping with the tradition of compact design, the new DL series is simple to install. It fits in cramped spaces without sacrificing power and performance. Yamashita’s proprietary direct injection technology allows the engine to sip rather than gorge on fuel. This means lower running cost in the world of rising fuel prices.
Fast, effortless starts from a one pull recoil starter.
Starting is a breeze with the standard recoil starter. Starter motor and switch are also available as an option. A short and smooth pull of the tongle kicks off the engine as simple as a gasoline model. It is easy by a special auto-return decompression and Yamashita’s own efficient combustion system.
Low vibration and low noise.
Vibration and noise reduction is achieved through the use of precision balancers. This leads to operating comfort even under long work hours.


4-stroke air-cooled diesel engine.             Automatic extra fuel starting device.
Anti clockwise rotation.                               Self bleeding fuel system.
Direct injection                                             Torque regulator.
Forced lubrication with oil pump               Automatic compression release.
Centrifugal mass governor.                       Economic
Built-in full flow oil filter.                             Compact in structure, small & light.
Oil breathing blow-by with safety device.            Safe operating & simple maintenance.


2DL series
VVTI Cylinder Series Industrial Engines are the workhorses of the Yamashita commercial grade engine line. This series provides maximum versatility offering models with horizontal PTO shafts, allowing engine use with an even greater variety of industrial and construction equipment. Compared to conventional side-valve engines, Yamashita’s VVTI series providers smooth, reliable torque throughout the RPM range, improved breathing room at high RPM and low fuel consumption.
Ideal Power for: The workhorses of the VVTI line, these industrial engines are ideally suited for larger equipments such as fire fighting equipments, generators, lawn movers, trenchers, ride-on trowels, concrete saws and vibratory rollers-just to name a few!
- Compact structure, light weight, strong power
- Vertical / Horizontal output
- New reliable starting system
- Heavy duty cylinder block
- New combustion system