The Yamashita range of pumps complies fully to the international standard BS EN 733 (DIN 24255). This standard covers both performance and dimensions.

This pump includes the back pull-out design, and when a suitable spacer coupling is fitted to a direct coupled unit, the casing and motor can remain in position while all other pump parts can be removed for simple and quick maintenance.

The volute casing is fitted with a replaceable wear ring and has a suction vane to give smooth flow into the double shrouded hydraulically balanced impeller.

Only four shaft assemblies are required to cover the total range, and this gives many common interchangable parts for pumps fitted to the same shaft.

Standard pump is fitted with a packed stuffing box incorporating a lantern ring which includes internal flushing by the liquid being pumped, or can be converted to external flushing, and all of these pumps can be fitted with a mechanical seal.

Pumps can be supplied as a bare shaft unit, or in many other arrangements, including complete with coupling, guard, baseplate, and either electric motor or engine.

Maximum directed coupled speed for pumps varies between 3500 RPM and 1750 RPM, depending upon pump size, and method of drive.
Maximum operating pressure 1600lPa. Maximum test pressure up to 2100kPa. (Maximum oressures will vary depends on particular pump model - higher ratings available on application).
With standard packed gland - minus 10°C to 105°C.
Maximum with cooled stuffing box - 160°C

With mechanical seal - maximum depends upon seal used.