Yamashita vertical high pressure centrifugal pump of inline design. PN 25 or victaulic coupling with equally sized suction and discharge ports. All wetted contact parts are stainless steel. Stage construction with stainless steel impellers, diffusers and pressure casing. Pump stub shaft and motor spindle of the IEC-standards motors are directly closed coupled. A separate stool mounted roller bearing server to balance the axial forces so that any make IEC-standard motor can be used. Maintenance-free bidirectional mechanical seal. All revelant parts suitable to handle foor-compatible fluids.
Water supply: Water filter and transport in waterworks, boosting of main pipeline,
boosting in high-rise buildings.
Industrial boosting: Process flow water system, cleaning system, high pressure
washing system, fire fighting system.
Industrial liquid conveying: Cooling and air-conditioning system, boiler water supply and
Condensing system, machine-associated purpose, acid &
Water treatment: Ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis system, distillation system,
separator, swimming pool.

Construction Material
Pump base                cast iron** / SS AISI 316L
Diffusers                    SS AiSA 304 / 316L
Pressure Casing      SS AiSA 304 / 316L
Shaft                          SS AiSA 316L
Seals                          EPDM Viton
Casing Cover           Grade 304 / 316 S.S.
Mechanical Seal      SiC / Carbon
Operation in parallel
Connecting several pumps in parallel running will benefit much more than running a single large pump.
- Applicable to different working states necessary in a variable flow system.
- Increasing the possibility of water supply when the pump is in failure. Because in case
of pump failure, only part of the system flow is affected.
Minimum inlet pressure.( NPSH )
In case that the pressure in pump is lower than the steam pressure used to convey liquid, the cavitations will occur. To avoid cavitations, a minimum pressure at the inlet side of the pump shall be guaranteed, the maximum suction stroke can be calculated with the following formula:
H = Pb x 10.2 – NPSH – Hf – Hv – Hs
Pb = atmosphere pressure (bar)
(can be set as 1bar)
In a closed system Pb means system pressure (bar)
NPSH = Net Positive Suction Head (m)
(It can be read out from the point of possible max, flow rate shown on NPSH
Hf = Pipeline loss at inlet (m)
Hv = Stream pressure (m)
Hs = Safety margin = Minimum 0.5m delivery head if the calculated result H is positive,
the pump may run under the max, suction stroke H. In case the calculated result H 
is negative, a delivery head of min, inlet pressure is necessary.